Soba and mushroom medley in a spicy Korean broth

I love Korean tofu stew - soon dubu. Wontons in it, as spicy wontons. I even "soak" my soba noodles in it ! This time, without seafood. I'm delighted the noodles in the spicy broth are as appetizing and tasty.

Soba and a mushroom medley in a spicy Korean broth
Ingredients: soba noodles, Korean tofu broth seasoning, bushimeiji mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, silken tofu, egg, green/spring onions as garnish

1. Cook soba and set aside on a plate
2. Cook egg to "runny" or poached state, set aside on top of soba noodles in (1)
3. Cook the soup/broth according to packet instructions, then add the tofu and mushrooms.
4. When ready, ladle the soup/broth over the noodles and egg
5. Garnish and serve

Simply love runny eggs even in this! :)

Let this be my entry for Presto Pasta Night.


Do you like Korean tofu stew and where did you try that best one?

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