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Pardon me. Excuse me. This post is written by crazies-for-a-day, freakos-for-a-day. Am I just out of my mind ? Yes, just for one day, or some days. And because I'm out of sorts, I decided it's...Maths class today! Yay, my favorite subject...many many many years ago. Take n steps back from today, I would not have realized how USELESS are INTEGRATION and DIFFERENTIATION , unless I'm today...maybe...a Maths instructor/professor or a Mathematician? At my nth year today, I know I just need to know the basic arithmetic of PLUS, MINUS; TIMES and DIVIDE, in order to survive in this age of modern economies.
Problem sum (1): WHAT IS n ?

We used to be "trained" this way - don't waste time on questions we do not know the answers! Skip the difficult problem, tackle the easier ones first; if there's time, revisit and go back staring at those tougher questions. K, don't know sum(1)...SKIP...how about sum(2)?

Problem sum (2): WHAT IS y in the below equation ?





Minced pork with black vinegar

= y

Let me score that for you...Minced Pork Soba with Wontons !

Maths is straightforward. 1+1 = 2 and nothing else (don't tell me it's eleven, please?)
Don't agree? Give me your answer for y then.

It was such a pleasant surprise. The nutty flavor of soba blends well with the minced pork sauce concocted here. Check out that recipe. For making wontons, you can check it out here.

Combining two recipes makes a completely new noodle dish to Presto Pasta Night. Check out this Friday for the round-up. Don't worry, you just need to eat, no Math quizzes! :)

Of course, language and your imagination can make y something else. Wonton-ful porky sompa ?

(P.S Forgive me for not visiting your blog as regularly as before. That's because I was out of town last week and will be out again next 2 weeks from tomorrow. I'll be updating whenever possible in the other continent. Meanwhile, take care and see ya in your blogs)

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