Seafood Soba "Braised E-Fu Noodles" style

I used to like e-fu noodles or yee-fu noodles - Not the Hong Kong actor Noodle Cheng/Ekin Cheng. Am referring to those noodles that are used most frequently in the Cantonese cuisine of Southern China and Hong Kong, and commonly seen served as Dried Fried E-Fu Noodles (乾炒伊麵) in a last dish (if no dessert is lined up) , or second last dish in some Chinese eight- to ten- course dinner. Well, I still do like these noodles though the opposing school of thought will tell me these noodles are like rubber-bands - - look like rubber bands, texture like rubber bands, some even tell me taste like rubber bands :O Tell me if you like it. For those at Presto Pasta Night, are e-fu noodles new to you?

It's been a long time since I have e-fu noodles. And after saying so much about it, I'm gonna say...the next dish I'm presenting is...just...NOT...e-fu noodles!!! It resembles E-Fu noodles in the pictures...Yes...No ? Well, these are but soba noodles. I've also used the basic recipe/method in Wat Dan Hor - Rice Noodles in Egg Gravy, for this stir fry noodle dish.

Simply, nothing went wrong. Result was good. I can assure you - soba noodles can be a good alternative if you like e-fu noodles and can't get them easily in your hood.

Seafood Soba "Braised E-Fu Noodles" style
modified from recipe Wat Dan Hor - Fried Rice Noodle with Egg Gravy)

-soba, cooked/boiled in water. Set aside.

-Medley of seafood (calamari, bay scallops, prawns)
-Yu-choy, cleaned and cut into sections of stalks/stems and leaves (Note: can use bok choy or bok choy sum if you wish)
- some canned straw or button mushrooms
-1/2tsp crushed garlic
-1/2tsp crushed ginger
-1tbsp oyster sauce
-1/2cup chicken broth
-1-2 eggs
-pepper and salt to taste
-oil for cooking

1.Heat oil, add in garlic, ginger and saute seafood till cooked. Set aside.
2. There will be some seafood "juices" left in the wok/pan. Add in mushrooms, and vegetables, add in oyster sauce and fry briskly.
3.Pour in broth and bring to the boil. Simmer 3mins.
4. Add in the cooked seafood, and cooked soba noodles. Season to taste and mix well. (Note:Do no cook soba noodles for too long since they are already cooked in advance and may become softer if cooked longer)
5. After this entire mixture comes to a second simmer, turn off the heat. Add in whisked egg slowly (Note: The heat remaining in the wok/pan of cooked ingredients will cook the egg just to smooth and silky)

Start slurping, and swoorping... ... ... :), and don't forget the round-up@ Presto Pasta Night

I've also used soba in ways (other than eating them the traditional Japanese cold soba way).
Soba with mushrooms
Minced pork soba
Almond buttered soba
Soba in spicy broth
Braised pork ribs with soba

I'm rather amazed by the versatility of soba. Are you?

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