Soba Noodles in Tahini Sesame, Nori and Pork Floss - what?

You can eat them with bread, top them on a bun and bake them in a puff, we all love pork floss, isn't that obvious ? Now, I have discovered another new way to eat it. With NOODLES! :D

Little Corner and Mandy...maybe we can come up with...something like... how about "101 Ways with Pork Floss". HA! This is so simple but exudes depths of flavors - the sesame dressing + unami nori + savory pork floss. You called me Noodle Queen, you are right! And you said I like soba, yes yes....indeed, indeed. :D

Tahini Soba/Stone ground Sesame Soba
Ingredients and directions as follows -

You need: pork floss and thin nori strips

You need: Tahini

Yes, Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)'s Tahini !! I kept thinking it was sesame seed butter (likewise peanut butter, or almond butter). They meant the same, isn't it ?

You need: 2-3tbsp tahini (stonegroud sesame), 1-2tsp sesame oil, 1tsp crushed ginger (with some ginger juice) - noodle dressing

Plus: soba, cooked according to instructions

How: Tossing the soba in tahini dressing, then sprinkle with nori strips and pork floss

The round-up will be up at Presto Pasta Night. Check it out!

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