Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bell Peppers Stuffed Leftover Curry Rice

Had some leftover curry and rice the previous night and decided to make stuffed bell peppers using the leftover as "stuffing" - yes, the curry and rice as the "stuffing". This is a clever way to make a new one-dish meal with leftovers. You get to add more vegetables the next day without sweating through another round of cooking.

Get the idea? By doing this: I added two different vegetables the next day.

First, the bell pepper (red bell pepper is wrinkle-fighting food due to high content of Vit. C). Then the green beans that incarnates as finely diced beans sprinkles over the "stuffing" of leftover curry + rice before baking.

(1) Place the halved bell pepper on the lined baking tray
(2) Mix up the leftover curry with the leftover rice
(3) Stuff them in the bell pepper
(4) Sprinkle the diced green beans over the rice
(5) Drizzle some olive oil over the stuffed red peppers
(6) Roast the red peppers in the oven

So, leftover of this...

mixed with leftover rice and curry, transformed to this...

Viola! I am sharing this cooking tip at Tip Day Thursday Carnival

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