Butternut Squash with Veggies & Wonton Dumplings

In the past few months of preparing veggie-salad meals and grain bowls, I have realized that nothing is impossible. In the standard culinary world of wonton soups, have you ever thought that wonton salads might also work?

With the arrival of autumn, this veggie bowl meal can be customized using what's in season. Pumpkin! And here today, we have butternut squash.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Steamed Veggies & Wonton Dumplings
6-8 frozen fully-cooked wontons (found in the freezer section in most grocery stores), reheat (boil or steam) according to package instructions. [Vegetarian Notes: Substitute chicken wonton dumplings with veggie/vegetarian dumplings or use any meatless proteins e.g Roasted Tofu, Spicy Tofu of your choice)
10-12 asparagus [Preparation Tip: separate the more fibrous bottom end and less fibrous top spears by holding the entire spear at both ends and gently bend the spear till it breaks into two (also where the spear naturally snaps), leaving you with tender less fibrous top spears and more fibrous bottom stems. You can peel the fibrous bottom stems to make it less fibrous. However if you slice the bottom stems very thinly at a bias, you can opt NOT to peel the bottom stems, achieving similar effect of breaking down the fibers, making it less fibrous on the bite].
1/2-1 cup cubed pumpkin squash
2 cups of assorted veggies -cauliflower florets, carrot slices, zucchini slices
2-3 cloves garlic, minced

Directions: Preheat oven to 400F. Toss squash slices with olive oil, dried oregano, salt and ground black pepper. Arrange on baking sheet and roast about 25mins until fork tender. Halfway roasting the squash, steam the vegetables with garlic for 5 minutes. When all the veggies are done, serve with cooked wontons. [Cooking Tip: If you have a multi-steamer, place the wontons on the bottom tier, steam over boiling water for 5mins, then layer the vegetables on the top tier, place top tray above the wontons, and continue steaming for 5mins (effectively, the veggies are steamed for 5mins, and the wontons, about 10 mins)]


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