Pumpkin Seeds Stuffed Dates

High-fiber-and-protein, low-fat low-cal snacks such as these No-Bake Protein Bars and Buckwheat Quinoa Flour Bran Banana Muffins are great on-the-go workout snacks.

Today's convenient and portable bite-size snack (or sweet) is Seeds-Stuffed Dates. Though walnut-stuffed dates are widely-seen as the similar, seeds are definitely a feasible (stuffing) alternative.

Besides bananas, Medjool and Deglet Noor dates are also good sources of potassium and a form of simple sugars that can be easily consumed after exercise to quickly replenish energy in the body.
Would it not be a great idea to stuff some seeds (or nuts) (source of protein, good fats and minerals) into the dates and make nature's candy your quick post-workout snack?

Pumpkin Seeds Stuffed Dates
Ingredients: As shown above.

Directions: Use pitted dates. Carefully and gently open up the dates at the center without breaking them apart to halves. Stuff as much pumpkin seeds as you can into the opening. If you have walnuts, stuff a single walnut into the each date.

Having "nature's candy" made at home is always recommended to avoid all the processed refined sugars that is usually common and present in commercial drinks, protein bars and snacks.


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