Carrots and Egg Omelette 红萝卜炒蛋

Other than roasting carrots, stir-frying carrots and perhaps making a pureed all-carrot soup in which carrot shines as a main ingredient (not just a subset ingredient of a dish), this everyday ingredient can also make an omelette taste all natural sweet in an entirely savory dish. Delicious! I have done Daikon Omelette previously and the sweetness does not come close. Thanks to sweet grated carrots!

Watch how a professional chef cook a fluffy delicious carrot omelette. If you notice, the Chinese-style omelette resembles a frittata - the egg is golden brown on the outside with crisp edges; a little different from the Western-style breakfast omelette which is usually more moist throughout.

Note: Two dishes are showcased in this video (Carrot Omelette and Shrimps Asparagus Stir-Fry)

Carrots and Egg Omelette 红萝卜炒蛋
(adapted from video above)
1 small organic carrot grated
2 green onions, bottom white and top green part finely chopped
3 organic eggs, whisked

Directions: Heat some oil, fry the grated carrots, then the green onions. When the grated carrots turn soft and tender (taste it, make sure there is no raw taste; and should be sweet and cooked), gently add in whisked egg and cook it like an omelette.

These are perfect as sandwich fillers, or enjoy as a side dish with rice or congee.

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