Back to school...soon


Come September 2006, it will be back to school for me again. But I have to make use of this opportunity while in the Bay Area. Do you know...Leland Stanford Junior University, commonly known as Stanford University was founded by railroad magnate and California Governor Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane Stanford. Named in honor of their only son, Leland Stanford, Jr., who died of typhoid as a teenager, locals and university affiliates are known to refer to the school as The Farm, to the fact that the university is located on the former site of Leland Stanford's horse farm. We had a good quick overview of this campus in Palo Alto, with the help of a student guide. It is pretty in The Oval. Vast and open green field. Plus the signature Palm Drive into the oval, Memorial Church, Hoover Tower...but all could not wipe off my little fear for this intimidating university. I do not know why. I will tell you more in September if my fears are unfounded.

Could you make out what the red flowers lettered in The Oval?