Meatless Mapo Tofu Protein Bowl

For those opting for low-carb meals (no pasta or grains of any kind), this Vegetarian Mapo Tofu suffice as meatless protein entree anytime you want a meatfree protein bowl.

Cheesy Crispy Leftover Fries

A while ago, I shared "How to make leftover fries great again!" at social media, not intending to make a full post out of it here; then again I thought why not? A post does not always need to be lengthy as long as it captures the essence of the message. So, a quick post to share how to revive soggy leftover french fries and make them great again. Here comes Cheesy Crispy Leftover Fries.

Chicken Veggies Rice Soup

A warm and comforting soupy grain bowl is one of those grain bowls or protein bowls sought after during cool weather season, which is right now.

If Leftover Chicken Breast Salad can be prepared in 20 minutes, why not this Chicken Veggies Rice Soup?