Oven/ Pan-Roasted Whole Cuttlefish Protein Bowl

Similar to delicious oven-roasted shrimps, this Oven Roasted Whole Cuttlefish Veggies Bowl is equally easy to prepare and to put together.

If you prefer shrimps, these Shrimps Veggies Bowls are always available:  Shrimps Veggies Bowls with Avocado and Tofu, Shrimps Veggies Bowls with Avocado and Radish

Fish Meat Floss Cheese Toast

Growing up, old-school Asian bakeries' soft buns/breads filled with BBQ pork (char siew), tuna, curry chicken (just to name a few) were part of my childhood.

Meat-floss (goes by Rousong 肉松 in Wikipedia) topped bun was one of the later and newer commercial bakery bread creations in the early 2000s. The salty and sweet flavor combo in this bun is addictive, and to my personal liking.

This idea of making meat-floss cheese toast was actually from someone in the family who does not cook and in fact does not KNOW how to cook. But surprisingly, he shared how he made the toast when he was a hungry young kid/teenager. Well, with my craving for meat floss/Rousong bun, I put his idea to the test. He said it was easy - sliced cheese on bread, sprinkle with meat floss, then toast in the oven till the cheese melts.

That easy. And it worked! Here's how:

Chimichurri Tofu

Originated in Argentina, this sauce is versatile as marinade, sauce, dressing and/or condiment usually alongside grilled steak. Today, we see chimichurri used as marinade in this Chimichurri Tofu.

Use Chimichurri Tofu to up the protein in Scallop with Quinoa or they are also mighty enough to stand alone as meatless protein entree in plant-based protein bowls e.g. Five-Spice Tofu Protein Bowl and Yuba Veggies Bowl.