Braised Yellow Croaker with Bittermelon

Without Chinese fermented black beans, this Braised Yellow Croaker Fish with Bittermelon can still be perfected in its own way and enjoyed at its best.

Besides complementing well with chicken (Braised Chicken with Bittermelon), bittermelon also goes well with fish. The bitterness of this melon cuts through the briny subtly-sweet fish and brings balance to a otherwise single-dimensional savory dish.

Easy Homemade Chicken Meatballs

Meatballs are worth making a batch because they are so versatile. Use them in soups e.g. Chives and Meatballs Soup, stews e.g. Lion's Head Meatballs Braise with Napa Cabbage, and of course, perfect add-ons to grain bowls and veggie bowls!

Steamed assortment of vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, with quinoa and homemade meatballs 

Remember these homemade meatballs? It is going to be an easier recipe today, keeping it homemade and simplified from the last time.

The fuss-free preparation tips and tricks from the previous recipe, such as oven-roasting the (batch of) meatballs and making uniform bite-size meatballs to manage cooking time, carry over to this recipe.

Pumpkin Seeds Stuffed Dates

High-fiber-and-protein, low-fat low-cal snacks such as these No-Bake Protein Bars and Buckwheat Quinoa Flour Bran Banana Muffins are great on-the-go workout snacks.

Today's convenient and portable bite-size snack (or sweet) is Seeds-Stuffed Dates. Though walnut-stuffed dates are widely-seen as the similar, seeds are definitely a feasible (stuffing) alternative.

Besides bananas, Medjool and Deglet Noor dates are also good sources of potassium and a form of simple sugars that can be easily consumed after exercise to quickly replenish energy in the body.