Corn Tuna Bread Rolls Buns

Surprise surprise! This was what I did - Homemade Corn Tuna Bread Rolls, when the corn-tuna mix could not fill all the avocado in these Corn Tuna Avocado Cups.

Well, I am happy to say "I baked!" but equally ashamed to be using store-bought ready-to-use dough for these Corn Tuna Bread Rolls. These savory Corn Tuna Bread Rolls with soft fluffy bread filled with sweet (corn kernels)-savory (tuna) were addictive! The dough-bread was also given generous touches of dried herb sprinkles just before sending off into the oven to bake. Another advantage of making these breads at home is the bread rolls can be loaded with more filling, to optimize the ratio of filling to bread.

Chayote Shoots with Sesame Tahini Sauce Dressing

Chanced upon lovely bunches of chayote shoots (what a rare find!) at the local farmer's market and decided to make Chayote Shoots Salad. In the like of Edible Chrysanthemum Shungiku Salad, Spiced Edible Chrysanthemum Shungiku and Celery Tofu Salad, these vegetables are given a quick blanch, cooled, then served with a simple dressing of extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar mix; or for Asian greens e.g. Edible Chrysanthemum/Shungiku (also known as Tung Hao in Mandarin) a drop (or two) of sesame oil and pinches of ground white pepper occasionally does the trick.

Depending on its consistency, tahini - made from ground sesame seeds, also works well as dressing (e.g. Okra with Tahini Dressing) for almost all kinds of vegetables including Chayote Shoots Salad.

Roast Beef Steak Salad Bowl

There are two interpretations of London Broil. One describes it as the cut of meat (top round, lean cut) while the other is the method of cooking (with the word "broil" in it, using high heat over a short period of time). Which is the correct one?

An attempt on London Broil was made, adapted from this roast beef recipe.

To make a much easier equally delicious beef salad bowl, here's a short-cut is to use ready-cooked beef e.g. this Sous Vide Sliced Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin from Cuisine Solution, sold at Costco. Simpler, hassle-free, and delicious.

Make a batch of roast beef, have different meal variations and enjoy steak salad for days.