"Oven-Fried" Meatless "Ground/Mince Meat"

This oven-"fried" meatless mince is like "meat-sauce" without the sauce, without the meat. Besides making Vegetarian Mapo Tofu, this meatless mince versatility can easily be extended to make such balanced meatless meals.

A batch of oven-"fried" mince is "blank canvas" for other stir-fries too; or tossed with pasta (above) or mixed in with quinoa (below), then served with vegetables as a complete meal.

You can always make your own vegetarian meatless mince (Vegetarian Simmered "Meat" Sauce) from scratch with diced mushrooms and tofu. It is definitely healthier and taste more naturally delicious than store-bought plant-based mince which wins on convenience but end of the day, still partially processed.

Oven-Roasted Gulf Shrimps Veggies Bowl

Oven-Roasted Shrimps Veggie Bowl again because this is one of the easiest no-fuss delicious low-carb bowl-meal to prepare, zero to hero, in less than 30 minutes

Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta

Besides this updated Easy Garlic Bread Toast recipe, there is also an upgraded version - yet another easy and delicious recipe: Crispy Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta.

I love how the leftover chicken skin crisp up while the bread gets toasted in the oven. The chicken skin brought in savory flavors and a wow-factor into this otherwise ordinary bruschetta. Enjoy with this budget-friendly asparagus soup (made from "scraps" you might unknowingly discard).