Cauliflower "Egg Fried Rice"

Finally, I made "egg-fried rice - 蛋炒饭, 黄金炒饭",the infamous fried rice in which each "grain" of rice is evenly coated with egg. However, this "fried rice" is interestingly low-carb, low-calorie, even low or no cholesterol. How can that be?

It's cauliflower "rice" - the "rice" that is ubiquitous in health grocery stores. If there is another way to enjoy cauliflower - why not?

I have made cauliflower steaks before, and always love some good roasted whole cauliflower. One of my favorite Indian dishes is Aloo Gobi

Bean Pasta Noodle Veggies Salad Bowl

This assorted vegetables pasta/noodle salad bowl is a great summer option when you want something light yet able to fill in protein, the meatless way. When I use protein-based pasta/noodles (e.g. Explore Cuisine Bean Pasta), I prefer to make the entire dish vegetarian - allowing the plant-based protein to take center-stage.

Today, this Greens and Bean-Pasta Noodle Salad Bowl, is made with greens variety- broccoli, green beans and leafy kale. The vegetables are totally interchangeable, depending on what you have, so feel free to get creative.

Vegetarian option

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Celery Tofu Salad 芹菜拌豆干

This side-dish, made with just two ingredients, whets all our appetite whenever my friend makes it. A side-dish combining the infamous bland tofu and strong-tasting celery; heightened by the aroma and fragrance of toasted sesame oil, spiced up with ground white pepper.

A classic Chinese chilled vegetarian side-dish, typically made from extra-firm tofu and Chinese celery (conveniently replaced with regular celery in this recipe). You might have eaten or seen this dish in which the tofu and celery are prepared in strips. Well, that is perfectly fine especially for chopsticks! However, I am preparing a spoon-friendly dish, so let us start dicing and mincing.