Oven-Baked Jamaican Jerk Shrimps/ Prawns

What we know as prawns in Asia are sometimes labeled shrimps in the United States. Some of us think that prawns are the big guys while shrimps are the small tiny ones but that might not be the correct classification. Prawns and shrimps are actually different species.

Fresh local spot prawns

For example. the Ridgeback Shrimps featured here (Steamed Ridgeback with Ginger & Scallions) are true prawns, while the Spot Prawns in the recipe today, are technically shrimps. 

It does not matter which is what, and what is which as I enjoy both prawns and shrimps. It is actually not easy to get fresh local catch here. Most of the prawns/shrimps sold here are imported from Asia, and comes frozen. Sad.  Once in a while, we have fresh local catches such as Ridgeback or Spot but the season is short.

Sometime ago, I got these fresh local spot prawns from The Neves Portugese Seafood Market. My favorite method to cook fresh prawns/shrimps is (and always will be) - steaming. For experimental-purpose, I did it differently this time with this quick and easy oven-baked/grill recipe. You can also try this Oven-Baked Spanish-Style Shrimp recipe

The key to fresh prawns/shrimps is to treat them simply, no fancy-schmancy - cooking method and seasoning, the same. Keep it simple.

Pumpkin Squash, Apples, Chicken Salad Bowl

It's autumn and that means pumpkin squashes, apples, pears and persimmons. 

Today, this hearty and filling bowl-meal is built from assorted veggies and fruits including autumn pumpkin squash and apples. 

Marinated Feta Cheese

Briny and tangy Feta Cheese - a rich-flavored cheese that brings plain (boring) salads to life.  See how this simple tomato and cucumber salad is brought alive when feta cheese is crumbled over (try Tomato Cucumber Feta Cheese Salad). Personally, no salad dressing is necessary when there is feta cheese. How about complementing sweet and juicy with salty - the harmony one can enjoy in this Watermelon with Feta Cheese.

Today, this Marinated Feta Cheese transforms feta cheese to extra-ordinary, and ultra-flavorful! Marinated feta cheese can be enjoyed just like how you would use feta cheese - as salad-toppers, salad flavor-enhancers, cracker accompaniments etc.

The "flavored" oil that marinates the cheese can also be used as salad dressing, so nothing in the jar comes to waste.