Tomato Egg Soup 番茄蛋汤

Instead of making tomato egg-drop soup (similar to Bitter Melon Egg Drop Soup, Chive Egg-Drop Soup) in which the egg is gently stirred into the soup towards the end of cooking, to create pretty, soft and silky egg swirls and ribbons;  I switched the sequence a little - first, by frying tomatoes with egg (Tomato Scrambled Eggs recipe), then adding the tomato scrambled eggs to a vegetables-based broth, making the soup of today - Tomato Egg Soup.

The sweet tomatoes impart natural umani flavors to this soup and it is absolutely delicious. Soup season is here! A comforting and satisfying one-dish noodle soup is definitely a keeper in the cooler months ahead.

Apples, Grapes, Watermelon Radish Salad

This autumn-worthy fruit and vegetables salad complements with roasted salmon, herb-roasted trout, spiced-roasted chicken or any of these sandwiches and wraps.

Enjoy the burst of juice from the grapes and crunch from the apples while the salad is being enjoyed. The grapes, apples and tomatoes adds natural sweetness and tang to the salad, perfectly balanced with the sharper-pungent garlic and onions, salad greens, mild peppery spicy watermelon radish and sweet bell peppers.

Tandoori Chicken Salad

Leftover chicken does wonders to salad or grain bowls; not only it saves time during grain bowl preparation, it is also a quick and easy protein add-on to any meal.

Today, we have leftover (leftover from Indian take-out) tandoori chicken, shredded and topped over a salad base of cherry tomatoes, arugula, lettuce and cucumber.

For vegetarians, replace the chicken with Korean Spicy Chilled Tofu, Korean Spicy Baked Tofu or Soy-Roasted Tofu.