Sheet-Pan Mahi Mahi Asparagus Peppers

Doubling on the winning streak of Sheet-Pan Turkey Egg Cup Asparagus is this easy and delicious Sheet-Pan Meal Mahi Mahi Asparagus Bell Peppers.

Oven-Baked/ Roasted Soft Shell Crabs

Order soft shell crab maki rolls (also known as Spider Rolls most of the times) and those few tempura/ batter-fried tiny crab claws are never enough to satisfy. Depending on luck, some eateries may serve whole soft shell crabs tempura/ batter-fried, but they are not going to be wallet-friendly.

I chanced upon an awesome online deal for soft shell crabs recently and impulsively bought too many too fast. However, soft shell crab is highly seasonal and in limited quantities in the West Coast of the United States; so, if you enjoy this prized delicacy and lucky to find them in stores - get them quick, get them now! Because this Chesapeake Bay, Maryland delicacy will be exhausted right about in July.

This is my first time preparing and cooking soft shell crabs at home. In fact, there are only few dishes I make using crabs e.g. Steamed Dungeness Crabs in Sake.

To be more accurate with my earlier statement on "preparation", actually there is not much prep. involved for these soft shell crabs as they came properly cleaned - gills/lungs, aprons/flaps, eyes all trimmed. Too good! All I need to do is...cook.

Coconut Flour Sesame Cookies Crackers

Recently, our family made use of a Prime Day offer and went on a Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, a great opportunity to test out some of the perks especially free next-day delivery without a minimum purchase. A 30-day trial is a good gauge to find out if Prime is FOR us, will it be relevant for our family needs or just an excessive "feature" - good-to-have but nothing lost if missed. The free delivery service (no minimum purchase vs non-Prime account holders who have to go by a $25 minimum purchase for free shipping) did come in handy when we purchased groceries such as organic rolled oats and organic chia seeds. Prime Day might be over but the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial is still available. Try it for 30 days and if it's not for you, cancel it before it expires.

Likewise, once in a blue moon (mood), I'll go experimental with cookies-baking, just like a trial.

I don't usually bake in restrictive manner but in this case, there is no butter, no egg, no added sugar, so it's vegan. Some skeptics may equate no butter, no egg, no added sugar with no taste but these cookies are great-tasting with natural aroma and flavor from coconut and sesame seeds.