Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Veggies Dinner

A turkey lunch or dinner plate with all things "Thanksgiving" - turkey, green beans, Brussel sprouts, pomegranate, persimmon, sweet potato. These ingredients are all in-season during the month of November.

Honestly not much effort (oh, isn't that all we want ? ) putting together this meal plate, so that we can all enjoy delicious food without breaking any sweat. Besides ready-cooked turkey breast that was store-bought, the vegetables and sweet potatoes were prepared and cooked at home - veggies steamed, and sweet potatoes roasted.

Crabs Veggie Wraps/ Bowl

These Oven-Baked/Roasted Soft-Shelled Crabs may not be as equally crispy as deep-fried battered ones but they are perfectly justified as low-calorie high-protein seafood filling healthy wraps;

Oven Baked/ Roasted Shrimps Veggies Bowl

Fuss-free preparation, clean-eating yet flavor-packed one-dish meal that you can happily enjoy any month of the year. This Oven Roasted Shrimps Veggies Bowl is loaded with healthy steamed cabbage, zucchini, bell peppers and leafy greens then topped with delicious oven-roasted shrimps.

Other variations of Shrimps Veggies Bowls: Shrimps Veggies Bowls with Avocado and Tofu, Shrimps Veggies Bowls with Avocado and Radish