Tortilla Egg Pancake DanBing 蛋饼

Besides 15-minute Flour Tortilla Chips, you can also make delicious crisp-outside soft-inside egg pancakes or Chinese DanBing 蛋饼 from leftover flour tortilla.

Enjoy the pancakes as-is or if you prefer, you can also fill them up just like how you would do to a wrap.

Beef Tri-Tip Protein Veggie Bowl

Besides ready-cooked duck and ready-cooked beef sirloin, one can also choose store-bought pre-marinated meat while preparing protein bowls.

Almost like a half-way point, though not as quick as ready-cooked, buying it pre-marinated raw meat then roasting/cooking it at home can still save time in meal preparation.

One-Pot Shrimp Quinoa

Swap out multi-grains in this One-Pot Shrimp Rice for quinoa; and make Duck & Shrimp Quinoa, Veggie Bowl similar to this Duck Protein Bowl, just better.