Spicy Soy Bean Sprouts

Similar to mung bean sprouts (germinated mung beans), soy bean sprouts (germinated soy beans) provide important B Vitamins e.g.thiamin, riboflavin, niacin; and minerals e.g. folate and zinc.

Keeping it simple (and not over-cooking) is the key when it comes to cooking bean sprouts. Personally, mung bean sprouts often have a stronger raw taste, so I usually prefer to stir-fry/saute them quickly as the heat/oil helps in removing its raw taste. On the other hand, soy bean bean retains its crunchy texture much better when blanched in boiling water. Using blanched soy bean sprouts, an easy Spicy Soy Bean Sprouts salad side-dish takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, and pairs well with rice e.g. Easy Healthy Korean Bibimbap, or noodles e.g Kimchi Noodles.

Seafood in a Bag En-papillote

Foil-packet meals are a lazy cook's best friend. En-papillote (French for "in parchment") may sound fancy but this method of cooking is actually a fuss-free and mess-free way to incorporate (lots of) vegetables with protein in a single dish. Though you can't physically see the ingredients being cooked (unlike "eyeballing" stove-top cooking), the secret sealed chamber traps moisture and flavors to ensure steamy deliciousness -  guaranteed almost every time!

There is a "parchment cooking" label created in my website just because this cooking method has a special place in my heart. Look at these easy foil-packet recipes such as En-Papillote Herb-Roasted Trout, En-Papillote Chicken and Asparagus, En-Papillote Salmon, Zucchini and Carrots and these vegetarian-friendly Vegetables and Mushrooms Packets and Zucchini, Bell Peppers Angel Hair Aglio e Olio. Some are easy side-dishes while others make perfect one-dish meals.

Today, this Seafood in a Bag shows the versatility of parchment-cooking yet again. By combining a mixture of fresh seafood - clams, wild local shrimps and sustainable-farmed tilapia fillets with garlic, tomatoes, dried herbs in a foil packet, this irresistibly delicious seafood dish is created in less than 30 minutes.

Summer Pineapple Salsa

This Pesto Salmon is surely delicious but would a salsa condiment be too much with the salmon entree? Well, not when it is a simple and easy four-ingredient Pineapple Salsa that adds instant zest and freshness to the roasted salmon. The sweet-tangy pineapple's subtle acidity puts the entire fish entree in perfect balance just like this Salmon Cake with Mango Salsa.

The key is to portion the salsa in small quantity to the entree (in business analogy, this is termed "hunger marketing") and I am pretty sure there will be demands for second or third servings of the salsa!