Roast Broccoli with Cheese and Pistachios

Steaming broccoli is unbelievably fast, no over-cooking, five minutes to perfect tenderness, minimal nutrition loss. That is my go-to when it comes to preparing broccoli. Steamed or blanched broccoli are great with dips (try Broccoli with Sardine-Cheese Dip).

Oven-roasting usually goes longer, about 15mins or more, depending on a few variables e.g. how thick/thin/size of broccoli florets, oven temperature; hence the reluctance and seldom done. What's going to break the rule ?

Say "cheese", smile, go nuts and all will be justified in the oven.

This Oven-Roast Broccoli Steaks with Cheese and Pistachios is a savory cheesy and nutty delicious recipe. Not as easy and quick as steaming of course, but honestly, simple enough for a fancy side-dish. The most "difficult" part might be just to slice the broccoli as thin as possible, just so the cooking time in the oven can be reduced, that's about it. Melty cheese, crunchy nuts atop tender-roasted broccoli, what's not to love.

Chicken Veggies Multi-Grain Bowl

This fiber-rich multigrain blend of organic farro, barley, wheat berries, buckwheat, red rice, black rice, oats cooks quick and easy. In about ten minutes, the nutty aroma of fabulous grains fills the kitchen, and lingers to flavorsome grain goodness at the meal table.

Substitute multigrain blend with quinoa: make Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Bowl, Chicken Asparagus Quinoa Bowl.

Today, this multigrain blend pairs with freshly steamed broccoli, cauliflower and entree of the day (leftover chicken breast steamed/quick-braised with shiitake mushrooms; vegetarians can choose Tofu Mushrooms Stew).

Another bowl-meal put together using multigrain blend, the same protein choice (chicken), changing up vegetables to carrot, cabbage, cauliflower and leafy greens.

Mini Ramekin Eggs

When planning for large batch fried-eggs or frittatas, turn to the muffin tinMuffin-Style Baked Eggs with Turkey Breast, Muffin-Style Baked Eggs, Veggie-Egg Frittatas. Of course, the good'ol baking tray/sheet pan can do the same batch-cooking job like how this Chive Frittata was made. Honestly, the muffin tin only makes the eggs look a little prettier and cuter as individual servings.

Short on eggs? Or just not making too many? Turn to the oven-friendly mini ramekin. These mini ramekin eggs are good-sized and shaped to fill your breakfast English muffin (McDonald's style Egg Mcmuffin). Enjoy them for breakfast or healthy snacks.

They are also easy protein add-ons to bowl-meals or workout meal.