Half Dome, is to the High Sierra...what the swoosh is to Nike

It is the most famous glacially carved landscape in the world. From Mariposa Grove's gargantuan sequoias to the huge views from Glacier Point, you will find cause for wonder in every corner of Yosemite. As one man had wrote, "None but those who have visited this most wonderful valley can even imagine...the awe with which I beheld it.As I looked, a peculiar exalted sensation seemed to fill my whole being, and I found my eyes in tears with emotion."
I, will write no further. May our pictures tell you THE thousand words of Yosemite National Park.

El Capitan, the largest granite monolith in the world

Yosemite Falls flowing wildly as warm weather sends more snow melt down the sheer cliffs. We came at the right time

Incredible, awesome. Taken at the Glacier Point vista

Another scenic shot at Glacier Point

Can you see him? Or just the Grizzly Giant sequoia

Well, we covered the park in 2 days. Unfortunately, due to the Memorial day weekend, 27-29 May 2006, almost all (I would say 99%) of the accomodations around the Yosemite region were fully booked. Heard that you have to do a 1-yr advanced booking for accomodations during the peak season. Darn. We never liked the crowd (in fact, hate it) but there is no better time to come as we reckoned that a 1-day trip to Yosemite NP will not do justice to us, and the park.

Thus, we pre-booked ourselves a bed and breakfast in Jamestown, which is about an hour's WINDING drive to the park entrance. Victorian Gold B&B is set in good old victorian charm, warmth and gardens in the beautiful, historic California Mother Lode. The last time we have stayed in a B&B was in England/Scotland, and has been ages since we checked into another one now.Our bed and breakfast in Jamestown, worth recommending to you. After a day's "work-out" in our hike at the national park, Solomon Landing in Jamestown pampered us with good, fine for dinner.

Halibut with zesty sauce, done in perfection@Solomon Landing

The prime rib, also "medium-well done"@Solomon Landing

Trip date: 27-29 May 2006
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