Taste buds (I)

A dine-out(for two) typically ranges from USD15 to USD30 including tax and tips. Yes. Save and thrift by cooking your own, but add the costs of electricity and gas; not forgetting effort, labour, time...does it still make sense to the piggy bank ? We(or I) still do our own cooking 95% of the time.

By the way, my point is...FOOD is a culture experience when in foreign land. So, while our appetites allow, bring us more food !

Denny's breakfast servings are BIG (this is America, not surprising), and generally cost less than USD10 for each breakfast set. Might be wee bit oily for a meal so early in the morning. Denny's Super Slam is a current special at USD5.99.

BIG portions in Denny's

Another recommendation is Hobee's. They have total 8 locations - 4 in the (650) area code, 4 in the (408) area code. We tried the one at Palo Alto when we were in that area one day. There are many ways of scrambles and omelets in Hobee's breakfast menu . Try their Blueberry Coffeecake in place of either the toast or hashbrown. So soft, fluffy and freshly-baked ! YUM. I would go back again, but this time maybe the one nearer our place in Sunnyvale.

Hobee's scrambles with blueberry coffeecake

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