Thrills but no spills

The theme, especially that of SpongeBob*, gave us that "kiddy" feel about this theme park but we are not the adventurous-type either, for thrill rides in Paramount's Great America . A good escape in May after first few weeks of stress-induced relocation moving. No spills because we did not enter the waterpark. "Top Gun", "Grizzly", "Vortex"...tried and tested. First time we stood up riding the coaster in "Vortex". Fun. Gave "Invertigo" a miss...too much negative G-force for us. Moreover, my neck-shoulder (left side) suffered a minor sprain in one of the roller-coaster rides and it stopped my enthusiasm for more of the other rides.

"Top Gun"-Suspended jet coaster. Floorless coach. A 360-degree vertical loop, two 270-degree afterburn turns, a full-circle wingover, and a zero gravity roll

"Invertigo"-Too much negative G in speeding down the (138 ft above the ground )lift. Not for us


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