Berry superior

I am not talking Singlish here-berry is berry, it's not "very"
And I'm not talking behind the backs of any superiors (or bosses), ok ?

Goji berry or wolfberry, is the berry of the Lycium chinensis plant. Though commonly used as a herb, it is also nutritious food. Not sure if there is medical evidence to it, but wolfberry is often known to be "good for the eyes".

Hey, stop staring at the wolfberries just because I've said that Instead, enjoy their natural sweetness in tea, soups, and for me, as a natural sweetener in "superior broth".

Baby choy sum in "superior broth"
-~1.5lbs baby bok choy sum
-2tbsp wolfberries
-8 shitake mushrooms, wiped with damp kitchen towels, stalks removed, caps julienned
-1 clove garlic, sliced
-1tsp oyster sauce, to taste

1.Stack and layer the choy sum, mushrooms, garlic, and wolfberries in a deep dish or steamer

2.Mix the oyster sauce with warm water, and pour onto the vegetables
3.Steam for 15-20mins, depending on the kind of plate/bowl used. Takes longer time if it's a deep dish since the vegetables on top will take longer time to cook. (Mine was stacked up rather deep in the steamer, so it would take longer time to cook through the vegetables)

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