It appears to be but it is not

Fried carrot cake !

Wishful thinking!
It's onion omelette. May not be a favourite of mine but think my husband will like it. The eggs have been sitting in the refrigerator for about 2-3 months (it's that long!) and I need to get them out of their comfort zone before they start to get too comfortable and begin to "rot" (does it ring a bell where you usually hear this?)

Brown or yellow onions are milder and sweeter and work well in large quantities. They are often used in omelettes to take advatange of their crunch and sweetness.

Red onions are more pungent, with a more intense flavour. They work better in spice pastes and when you are looking for stronger flavours to perk up a bland dish.

Brown or red onions, they will ALL make you cry !

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