Three cups chicken

I pondered why it was named Sanbei ji (Three Cups Chicken)...then I realized the recipe called for 1 cup of Shaoxing wine, 1 cup of soya sauce, and 1 cup of sesame oil, so it's 3 cups !!!

Three cups chicken , Sanbei ji
-2lbs chicken thigh (you can use chicken breasts or leg fillets), cut to bite-size pieces
-1 cup or 6 soup spoons Chinese Shaoxing wine
-1 small cup or 4 soup spoons soya sauce
-1 samll cup or 3 soup spoons sesame oil
-4tsp minced ginger (you can use sliced ginger as well)
-Chopped spring onions or scallions, to garnish

1.Heat up sesame oil in wok or pan
2.Add chicken pieces, sear the chicken to brown on all sides
3.Add ginger, followed by soya sauce. Turn down heat to simmer 5 minutes
4.Turn heat up again when sauce is bubbling, add the Chinese wine (when adding wine, do nto drizzle directly on the cooking chicken; instead slowly pour wine
on the sides of the pan, allowing the heated metal to evaporate the alcohol content; this way, only the fragrance of the wine is retained)
5.Cook till chicken is done and sauce has reduced
6.Garnish with scallions, serve with hot rice

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