What to eat

This is the title of a book by Marion Nestle. Other than "Rule #1" , this was the other book I borrowed from the Sunnyvale Public Library some weeks ago. I did not know why I pick it up, but I guess I wanted to know more about the American supermarket, especially the "hidden" secrets, if there are really any. This book takes you on a guided tour of the supermarket. I read through the first half of the book, but practically flipped through the rest (2nd half) of it. No, not because it is not interesting. It's just that the book has too much content for me to cover within such a short time. Although this book has not completely made me a changed person, on how I will select my groceries in the supermarket in future, it has certainly opened up my mind and helped me understand the agribusiness. I will still choose non-organic items, most of the times, over organic (though I know organic is good, but it carries a hefty tag); I will still stock some frozen food in my freezer; and of course, I will not give up on my potato chips. Ultimately, I believe it's about making balanced decisions about food on the basis of freshness, taste, nutrition, health, and, of course, price.