Cheat eats with a SLur......rrp

Well, no wonder Singaporeans are sometimes referred to as "birds"...because where ever they go, they say "cheap cheap...chirp chirp". Now, I think most Singaporeans would not say "cheap cheap" on food, in Bay Area, CA if they are born and raised in Singapore...because in Singapore, a simple meal out or good food is really relatively cheap, compared to the Bay Area, CA. I'm comparing eating out. Thanks to the ubiquitous hawker centers, markets and coffeeshops (a.k.a kopi tiam) in Singapore. Good food and cheap eats are always less than 10mins away from home(no need for 30-minute meals in your own kitchen)! We used to take convenience and relative low-cost for granted in Singapore. Only when you are away for a while, you will realize that.

Check these out if you do "makan by" Singapore... Sbestfood , Makantime , Makansutra

We were physically back in Singapore for just 5 days and we devoured all kinds of food: food that we craved for when we were away from Singapore; food that we know can't be found easily (that explains the cravings...) in the Bay Area, CA.

What we had during the Thanksgiving week in Singapore, as far as could be remembered: economical bee hoon, hainanese chicken rice, fried carrot cake, prawn mee soup, fishball mee pok/kway teow mee, laksa, pork porridge, black pepper crabs, rojak, etc....SHIOK ! SEDAP! And THAT was our Thanksgiving celebration (S'pore version)...roast turkeys purposely EXcluded. Turkeys...what we never had, we never miss. But the cool California weather, what we've had, we have missed ! How I wish I could have spicy laksa, peppery crabs, and all those good eats in jacket-weather California! Then, I would not sweat through my tee, eating all the hot and spicy food in hot and humid Singapore. Well, there is really no such condition called "ideal", is there ? "Ideal" is just a word to explain theories, IMHO.

Cheap good eats will continue to tamper your taste buds. Let's go !
I eat, shoot (no guns, limited to photographs only) and post; covering the the West Coast of U.S.A and the East Coast of Singapore. I'm a true-blue East Coast Singaporean. The East Coast zone (East Coast Road, Upper East Coast Road, Katong, Siglap, Joo Chiat etc.) of Singapore is highly acclaimed for many good food.

Finally, the EAST MEETS THE WEST !

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