Shiokingly good Singapore continues, Part 2-"Forbidden fruit"

A visit to Turtle House at Guillemard Road while in Singapore, was less of a much-awaited craving for us. It was more of devouring the "forbidden fruit"; as turtle soup, I assume, is food that definitely cannot be found in any Bay Area restaurants/cafes; and almost FOR SURE, would not be cooked in any home kitchens unless for any particular reason or during some special occasion(is there one?). Hmmm...maybe you can get a "taste" of turtle soup during "Fear Factor" on TV, just maybe. It just happened that we did not raise any tortoise or turtles as pets when we were young, or else eating them would be considered so sinful...

For those with a weak heart, just treat this as some herbal chicken herbal soup ?

Presenting...Turtle House @ 403 Guillemard Road, Singapore

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