Fishy business

I made pistachios pesto before, and topped it over a seared snapper fillets. The nutty and zesty sauce brought much flavor to the fish. Of course, if you've got a fresh catch today, rubbing it with some salt and pepper; and seasoning with some herbs and lemon juice, would just be great and simple for a grill. Store-bought seasoned fish fillets are even simpler - just need to grill or saute. And I always make sure the seasoning ingredients are known to me and the list should be as short as possible. The flip side can't control the proportion of ingredients that goes into the fish. So, depending on the individual's threshold, it might be too salty for some, while too garlicky for the others. Still best to season your own! What's your favorite fish for grilling ?

Seasoned mahi mahi from Trader Joes contains the following ingredients: olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, parsley, salt, red chilli pepper flakes, black pepper.

"Mahi-Mahi" means "strong-strong" (in Hawaiian). This fish is known for excellent flavor and firm texture. Mahi-mahi is NOT classified as the "Best Choice" of fish to be consumed, but it falls under "Good Alternative". Does anyone keep a pocket size seafood selector like this while buying seafood ? I do keep one in my wallet but only use it when I remember too. Oops! I'm not really fussy about the fish or seafood I eat, but it's best to avoid those, which we are supposed to avoid. And many times, I would think "avoid" in the context of consumption in constant large quantities. Most of us go for "moderation" and "balance".

You can either print and keep a pocket size seafood selector like what I'm using, or print it from another source here. They may just come in handy one day. Who knows?

My grilled mahi-mahi turned out a tad on the saltish side, probably because I liberally greedily drizzled those seasoning/juices "remains" on top. If I were to drizzle more sparingly, it would have been just perfect.

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