Is airline food your selection criteria ?

First, is airline food considered food ? And will that be your criteria when selecting which carrier to fly ? If yes, which carrier offers the best (among the worst) food, in your opinion ?

Well, some fellow bloggers are travelling in the months of Jan and Feb, perhaps due to Chinese New Year approaching. Hakkahouse has already "recce-ed" airline meals and endured an 18-hour flight; while Rasa Malaysia has made it official! (RM, will your cam be your carry-on item into the airplane?)

Since some of us are/will be flying, I thought of doing this post on airline food. Yes, I still have to call it food, if not, what ? When you are too bored in a long-haul flight, and if you are a food blogger, why not snap pictures of food in your aircraft, to fight the 5-minute boredom ? Then, post it in your blog - share with everyone, what you have eaten when you are many many thousands of feet above ground ?

(Following are taken during Nov 2006. The food is reasonably ok. Does it look ok to you ?)

Omelette, sausage, baked beans, fruit salad

Scrambled eggs, sausage, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms

Chinese fried rice, fruit appetizer

Stir-fry beef with seasonable vegetables, smoked salmon appetizer, choc fudge cake

Zooming in on smoked salmon appetizer, choc fudge cake

I hope this will build up some appetite(and not lose it) for you before you fly. And I hope the menu changes regularly, if not....don't tell me I've having the same food again ?

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