S, M, L or XL ? What size for those curry puffs ?

Let me eat, Let me eat, little chicken curry puff, or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your crust down! - adapted indirectly from The Three Little Pigs.

Simcooks, and Buddingcook made theirs; while Keropok Man got his bought ones.

What size of chicken curry puff do you fit in - S, M, L or XL ? Go find a fitting room now!

Mini chicken curry puff (makes 9-10 minis)
-1/3 of a sheet of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry (1 box ~ 2sheets; 1 sheet~sectioned into 3 rectangulars). The other 2/3 of a sheet was used in Chicken Strudel.
-2-3cups chicken curry (Note: use your leftover homemade chicken curry with potatos, or cook chicken curry just for this, or use your preferred curry mix and add potatos). Make sure chicken curry is dry for the curry puff (Note: wet chicken curry will make the pastry soggy)
-1 hard-boiled egg, cubed

1. Thaw pastry per box instructions (Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry)
2. Cut 1/3 from one sheet of pastry; use rolling pin to flatten the pastry slighty
3.Use any round mould (small) to cut off circular sections, use rolling pin to flatten before adding filling
4.Add filling and top with cubed eggs

5.Wrap it up like a round curry puff, and remember to "poke" some holes on the top surface (thanks to Simcooks for the "poking" tip)
6.Place in preheated oven of 400F, and bake 20-25mins
7.Out comes the minis!

Small- just slightly bigger than those Chinese New Year peanut puffs (a.k.a kok chai)

Can you see those eggs ? Can I call it Young Chang Kee...because there's egg inside. The crust is so flaky and crumbly...love it!

Medium - Not available. Uncommon sizing, so not made by me, the "manufacturer"

Large - One piece left, almost out-of stock!! Most are already gobbled up by hungry people, like me. Compare the size of the Large and Small...

Extra Large
- You just have to change the filling in here to get extra-large curry puff. Who says it can't be done?