Tell me what to do with this pan! Oh yes, mini chicken pie!

Alas, I bought my 12-cup muffin pan (made from pewter silverstone aluminum non-stick material) @ $4.99! It's not the cheapest around, but for this price, I know that if I don't bake use the pan that often, the guilt will not kill me.

I'm making a big hoo-ha about this because I don't bake! Cakes, cookies, biscuits, bread etc. etc. are never in my kitchen radar. Yes, chicken strudel was baked, but it does not involve any baking flour, castor sugar, yeast or baking powder, thus was quick and easy. No kneading required. Yay! Oh, the no-knead-bread I found in Wandering Chopsticks sure looks easy. But does it mean I have to buy a new loaf pan? Meanwhile, I will stay devoted to my muffin pan.

Can you remember...what did you bake when you first own a muffin pan ? Or what did you recently bake with your muffin pan ?

Looks like I own a muffin pan a tad late. I'm missing out on all these ! Without a well-kept inventory of baking ingredients and tools, I may try bread'ol'muf'vers (new word, meaning old bread in a muffin pan with leftovers - Melting Wok, thanks...I created a new word!) when it's time to clear up the fridge. And yes, I've never eaten cupcakes before. Maybe I could make my own, those with lots of my favorite...dark chocolate...mmmmm. Of course, I do wish one day I could bake like Yuzu Eats, then I could create my own doggie bread or cookie!

I built up my baking confidence this way - bake something which I have already done before, get used to the feel and touch...I have shown you the BIG one, now I will show you the minis! Thanks to my muffin pan!

Mini chicken pie
-Puff pastry (one puff pastry sheet remaining, after making curry puff and chicken strudel)
-Filling ingredients are same as chicken strudel


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