Real spinach, fake fish cake

No, it's not a fake. I just sliced the DODO(the brand) fishballs to make them look like fish-cake(鱼饼). Fishballs and fish-cake are made from the same ingredient - fish paste. They only differ in shape, fishballs are (self-explanatory) round; and fishcake (not round, of course!)

Slicing them thin makes it easier to stir fry with vegetables, since fishballs are too round and might bounce out of the wok when frying with the spinach.

Stir fry spinach with fishcake (serves 2)
-1lb spinach, cleaned thoroughly
-6-8 fishballs, thawed; and cut into thin slices (fish cake)
-1tsp crushed garlic
(Note: Fishballs contain some salt-as preservative(what else), so it will make this dish tasty even without adding salt)

1.Heat oil in frying pan at medium heat
2.Add garlic and fry till fragrant
3.Add in fish cake, quick fry for 1-2mins
4.Add in spinach, continue fry for 2-3mins
5. Serve!

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