Shiokingly good Singapore (Season2) Part 3 - When did rice or been hoon become so economic ?

*Scratch heads*. "Hahahaha...what's that?" Tell your non-Singaporean friends you just had "economic rice" for lunch/dinner or "economic bee hoon" for breakfast. Puzzled looks, and hearty laughters...they will not know what you are talking about. What is "economic" rice ?

How did this name "economic rice" or "economic bee hoon" evolved? The former is usually from a rice stall that serves up plain rice and your choice of meat and vegetables from a wide selection of dishes. It's not dirt cheap for sure but perhaps "economic" because it's "economical" or rather "value for money" since for a typical S$2.50-3.50 (depends if you order more meat or more vegetables), you get your complete lunch or dinner meal (of rice + meat + vegetables) on one plate.

"Economic bee hoon" is simpler. Usually offered for breakfast in many hawker stalls, this can be taken just plain with preserved green chilli. Why does such simple fare leave me craving sometimes since it's just plain fried bee hoon ? Someone told me it's fried with A LOT of oil - that's why it's tasty.

Whatever, I had my share in my return trip to Singapore.

"Economic bee hoon", served with sides of long beans and fried chicken wings for breakfast. My... not so healthy right ? (@Jalan Batu Market/Food Center)

"Economic bee hoon", again with long beans and fried chicken wings for breakfast (@Market/Food Center beside Old Airport Road Hawker/Food Center ). These sides are not my favorites. It was just coincidental I ordered the same sides. Again, not so healthy :O

Love Kopi Gaw(thick coffee) ! Ever wondered why coffees in Singapore hawker centers taste so much different from Starbucks/Coffee Bean ? The former are prepared from coffee beans which are roasted together with maize/corn! THAT is the reason!

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