Coffee Haupia

This is something simple, so simple with no pretty food pictures, to make use of leftover coconut milk from the otak otak (or fish frittata) made here. If you are not able to buy the smallest canned coconut milk, or are left with some ounces after using just that 1-cup coconut milk for your cooking, do take note that once the can is opened, the milk(not a dairy product) does not keep for long, even in the refrigerator. Freeze any leftovers(last about 1-2 months) in small amounts for future use.

I used the simplest ingredients I could find in my pantry, and with that leftover coconut milk (which I did not want to freeze and store), made this traditional Hawaiian coconut-flavored dessert, Haupia. To it, I added some coffee and it became Coffee Haupia. A real simple dessert made from leftover coconut milk for Leftover Tuesdays #3 going on at What's Cooking.

Coffee Haupia (2 small servings)
-2tsp instant coffee (I used Nescafe Tasters Choice)
-1-2tbsp cornstarch/cornflour, to thicken
-2-3tbsp brown sugar, to taste
-leftover coconut milk (about 1-2cups will do)

1.Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and continuously stir over low heat till thick. Do not let the mixture boil.
2.Adjust coffee and sugar ratio, to taste
3.Pour into individual serving cups or for me, the muffin pan. Chill.

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