Thin-crust hawaiian pita pizza - you would not need frozen and delivery pizza anymore!

I've said here that Hawaiian pizza (ham, pineapple, cheese toppings) is my favorite pizza choice. I decided to make my own and shout out "Waiter, there's something in my...bread" to Spittoon Extra.

It's easier than starting with and using a pizza dough (knead-it-yourself or even store-bought). Yes, easier than store-bough pizza dough...and you can have your toasty and crispy thin-crust pizza like this! And that's in my bread!

Find out how...

Thin-Crust Hawaiian Pizza (serves 2-3)
Ingredients: Whole wheat pita bread, sun-dried tomato & basil chicken sausage, pineapples (cubed), tomato paste (Note: this is actually the leftover paste or puree of a can of whole tomatoes; you can use any of your convenient choice of tomato-based paste or sauce); and mozzarella cheese (or any cheese that melts lusciously in mooey-ness and gooey-ness at high temperature. I had some Pepper Jack Cheese and it worked too!)


In less than 25 mins (almost equivalent to heating up a frozen pizza or you waiting for pizza delivery at your door step), a freshly-baked, oven-warm and toasty crispy homemade pizza is already at your dinner table waiting for you!

Well, I'll leave it to critics to verify the authencity of this non-pizza-dough-based crust pizza. But it has certainly satisfied me as a Hawaiian pizza. You can do it too! Can even use bread if you don't have round pita bread (...just that the pizza will be squarish. Watch the slide show as I made some with multi-grain bread too).

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