Mango Slushy - A great hot-weather pick-me-up !

It was unseasonally warm this week. I want something cold! Please give me something icy cold! Of course, I had a tub of italian chocolate gelato in my freezer but I did not want to finish the gelato so soon. I am the "chipmunk" in the house, known for keeping and storing food, especially snacks, not because I don't want to eat them, just because I can't stand the feeling of running out of something snacks.

Okie. I decided to make a icy-cold mango slushy as a hot-weather pick-me-up! Lots of crushed ice, a mangoe and a small pomelo/grapefruit.

Mango slushy, mango drink/dessert (serve 2)
How to: Blend/puree half the quantity of mangoes slices, and keep the rest in slices. Mix the crushed ice with the mango puree, add in remaining mango slices, and drop in few slices of sweet pomelo/grapefruit. Serve icy-cold in cocktail glass or a dessert bowl.

My ARF/5-a-day entry for Sweet Nicks.

How I cut a mango:

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