Pasta Pomodoro - How to save on your next meal

Simple, tasty pasta dishes are relatively easy to whip up, explaining why we seldom pig-out for pasta. *oink oink* We were here, once for dinner; and more than once for lunch. Why the return, was the food THAT good? *oink oink*
I'm talking about the restaurant, not the dish. Read on...

Dinner at Pasta Pomodoro - Spaghetti Polpette and Special of the Day- Baked Ravioli.

I forgot what was the dinner bill. What I could only remember on the bill was this " a survey(there was a link provided)...receive $8 off the next visit..." WHY NOT ? Survey done!

That was why we were back the second time, to use the $8 discount We chose lunch because the lunch menu is generally cheaper than dinner, so the $8 will be a better discount, right? What's better...their lunch express menu offers some value-for-money meals (soup or salads with a pasta dish, for about $8 depending on your choice of pasta). They even serve you some warm focaccia bread to dip in pesto sauce. *oink oink* With the $8 discount, it's almost like a "Buy -ONE - get -ONE-FREE" lunch! Plus, I love their Conchiglie Salsiccia - whatever that means, I saw shelled pasta with Italian sausage, caramelized onions, tomato sauce and cheese in the dish. *oink oink* I can't remember the exact lunch bill again. It' about $8+ (after tax, after discount) for 2 persons...and what I could clearly remember on the bill was this...yet another "...sign up for the email club...$5 off the next visit..." WHY NOT ? Email sign-up done! Printed out my $5-off email.

One person's bill using the $5 off is a better discount, right ? So and then again, I (alone) went back the 3rd time, for lunch. I felt iffy, before ordering my food since had to show them the email discount before placing the order. I thought they were going to "discount" (and forego) the warm bread and soup by just giving me my plate of Conchiglie Salsiccia. In the end, everything turned out fine. I did not get "discounted" on my food portions, and got my $5 discount off the bill. In the end, the final bill came up to be about $3+ ...and that's for the focaccia with pesto, minestrone soup and the hearty pasta! *oink oink* I was happy and gave them a bigger tip (definitely more than "15% x $3+" worth of tips).

Do you realized how many times I've oinked at food? *oink oink*

I'm not sure if the survey offer and the email discount are still going on. The lunch portions are just right, not as huge as the dinner portions(pictures posted here are all for dinner). I'm also not sure if the service is consistent throughout their locations, but the one at Sunnyvale was great!

Pasta Pomodoro
Several locations
300 W. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Price: $ (with discounts), $$ (lunch w/o discounts)
Taste index:

Well, the food is good and worth going with the discount. Ok, me a cheapskate.

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