Thai-style chili condiment - a homemade condiment or sauce from leftover green chili

Serrano: I'm that leftover serrano chili from egg masala.

"We came in a pack of so many; there are still at least eight of us left a plenty
Though it's cold in the chiller, I do not feel lonely; as I have the rest for company,
But I'm turning from bad to worse black; please do something about it me behind my back

Me: You are green and not as tiny as a chili padi but you are so fiery! It's NOT in the size, NOT in the color, it's just in YOU. I don't know what to do with YOU!!!??? So I say:

"Give me some serrano chili
and give me time to think;
with ginger and garlic
can it do the trick ? "

Homemade chili sauce -Thai Style
- 6-9 serrano chili depending on your heat level, threshold
- 2-3 tsp crushed ginger
- 1-2tsp crushed garlic
- 3-4tsp cane sugar
- sprinkle of paprika
- 1-2tbsp lime juice
- dashes of fish sauce (I did not have this, but if you do, definitely give a dash)

How to: Rinse the chili and remove seeds if you want the chili sauce mild. Slice up the chili, and with the other ingredients (except the lime juice), mix/blend/puree in a small food processor. Add in the lime juice, then blend quickly for 3 secs. You could taste the sauce and if too spicy, add more sugar.

Serrano: I can now "live" happily in the fridge ever after (at least longer than in the raw form)

Me: And now, I can sleep in peace and not hear serrano's ramblings

This condiment should go well with seafood that has not been heavily seasoned or flavored before and during the process of cooking eg. as a dip for the fish slices in a fish soup, or for steamed prawns etc.

I'm entering this condiment made from leftover green chilis, for Leftover Tuesdays at Project Foodie.

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