Almond roca cookies in Stonehenge and Avebury or Chewy ChewBacca

I was willing to give Food Fusion's Amaretti ccokies a try because it DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY FLOUR. No flour means no kneading! Yay! But how unfortunate, a baking idiot - ME, still made a mess out of everything, especially on the cookies appearance. Fate sealed. Death becomes baking.

Though the cookies tasted unexpectedly ok (on the chewy side...just like eating almond roca, without the chocolate), it looks ugly. Arrrgghhhh!!! All of the sudden, I saw Shrek. Inner beauty. What's best to describe the cookies, other than "inner beauty".

Ever since my first (and the last) sci-fi post on Star Wars vs Stark Wok, these cookies are making me do a mystery today. A "sci-fi" myth or legend that remains a mystery until today. Stonehenge and Avebury, I think I've "moved" you...just part of you...some of, onto my plate.

"Rock" materials to build Stonehenge and Avebury

Twin tower before 9/11, or Stonehenge and Avebury "under construction"

Dog s*** piled up ?

Revisiting Avebury after so many years...

Mystery rocks - sci-fi, myth or legend

Chewy (chewbacca) cookie for Sci-Fi Party now taking place in Dispensing Happiness. Weird enough? Wild enough? Or crazy enough ?

The cookies were not that bad after all - they were all nibbled and chewed by me, and the closest of "guinea pig" *evil laughter* . They just don't look pretty but I assure you...they are chewy munchy nibbly almond cookies.

As with cookies, cakes, and pastry, tea would be the best accompaniment beverage.

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