Am I a coupon queen? Are you a coupon king?

Well, I will look out for cut-out coupons or coupon codes from newspapers, magazines and internet whenever I'm planning for travel, "hunting" for food at dine-outs, and doing online shopping. You can really save money with coupons. I did! Look what a $10 cut-out coupon from the newspaper saves us at a local sports shop - I bought a North Face VaporWick Polo, retailing at $10, and with that coupon ($10 off entire purchase, no minimum purchase required), my shirt was practically FREE! I'm happy! And still always...scouting around for coupons :)

KEEP CASH. Keep your cash. Don't burn a hole in your pocket. Certain products can be cheaper online, than at stores. For example, when you intend to buy electronics (GPS, MP3 players) items or most non-groceries items at stores, you are charged your local sales tax rate vs buying online at Amazon which does not charge sales tax. You might ask - but buying online at Amazon requires shipping rate payment, so it might not be worthwhile to buy online after all - it may turn out what you pay at the stores? BUT but but...remember, you can always look out for FREE super saver shipping; and even use applicable coupon codes to get discounts off your Amazon purchase (eg. even your next grocery purchase) How cool is that ?

Recently, my friend is keeping busy, buying baby products and preparing for their new arrival coming September. I am going to let her know about these promo codes so that she can check out these baby and kids categories - she was just shopping at Babies R Us store, last weekend. She will definitely find useful if she decides to do some online shopping.