Burgermeister - burgers raised with tender loving care

Burgermeister was nominated for Food Network's Best Burger Award last year but it did not shine through. Having been nominated IS a winning accolade, in my opinion. I was happy that Burgermeister is located in Northern California with several locations at San Francisco area.

Burger is served with choice of fries, slaw or mixed greens. You know what I chose ;p

You are what you eat, and so is the beef. Using Niman Ranch beef, there are no antibiotics and no added hormones to the livestock. You are ensured one of the highest quality burgers - deliciously juicy and meaty burgers. Taste natural, and IS natural (if you can taste the difference)

Of course the burgers taste great. And if you are strictly on a "natural food" plan, this burger is for you. Personally, I would not go all the way unless I happened to be in SF area. Don't misunderstand me. The burgers are delicious. It's just that there are good affordable burgers such as St John Bar and Grill and In-N-Out more conveniently near me. In St John's burgers, I get half-priced burgers (~$3/-) without discounting quality. In-N-Out, I get $1.99 burgers, made with fresh ingredients(they may not be organic or natural beef, but at least they are fresh and not oven- or microwave- reheated) In Burgermeister, I get high quality (and healthier, natural) burgers for ~$10. It's hard to choose my favorite since they have "winning" factors each their own.

Several locations in San Francisco area
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