Lobster tales, lobster mania

Did you know...
1. Lobster has degrading nicknames like, “Poor Man’s Chicken” and “Scavengers of the Sea”
In early America, the abundance of Maine lobster and its widespread consumption led to its status as junk fish and poor man's food. Only after it was exported out of the area and fetched a higher price did lobster become a delicacy
2. Lobster is a shy creature *blush*
3. In bright light, a lobster is nearly blind and rely primarily on touch taste and small to navigate
4. The "tomalley" is the lobster's liver which many consider the finest tasting part of the lobster. It changes color to a green when cooked
5. Maine is the largest lobster producing state in US
6. You don't have to travel to Maine to get Maine lobsters
7. What happens when you put a Maine lobster and a killer brownie, together ?

More lobster mania coming up...

(P.S I sooooo craved for seafood recently and it is not dungeness crab season yet....)

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