Terrys Fabrics - Window Blinds

It's no longer true that vertical blinds are formal and office-like. My current rental apartment unit has vertical blinds that looks contemporary and inject an interesting, soft, layered look to the living room. What I like best about vertical blinds is that when fully closed, they offer protection from strong sunlight. During the hot summer day when the sun shines straight into my living room and the entire living area heats up like an oven, the fully closed vertical blinds shield us from the unbearable "indirect" heat. When much light is needed, the veins of these vertical blinds can be tilted (partially opened) and these vertical blinds still offer a degree of privacy without much restriction on light.

The controls for vertical blinds are flexible and user-friendly for left or right hand operation and veins can adjusted to the left, right, or parted in the center. I personally prefer vertical blinds to curtains since the blinds are fairly low maintenance and are easier to wipe clean and dry. Now I don't have to remove the curtains for washing, put them to dry and hang the curtains up again. Whichever you prefer, Terrys Fabrics has an extensive range of products that you might just need.