Vung Tau Restaurant

Hahaha, I do have more posts going out today because I realized a couple of food reviews sitting around for quite some time and decided they should be OUT! They need the sun's heat too or they will turn moldy in no time. :O Anyhow, I want to share good eateries with you too, since I seldom cook Thai food and never cook Vietnam food at home, so here goes another food review,after Thai Pepper Restaurant. Err....another "lazy" real excuse...if I post more today, I can take a break from posting, for the subsequent 4-5days?!?! Isn't that more efficient? LOL! :D , plus I don't get inspired to write something everyday, so since I'm in the "mood" today, I better make use of the "juices" before it runs dry again!!! :p

---Food Review continues---
I am only familiar with pho in Vietnam cuisine. How ignorant! Of course, a good bowl of pho is always quick and comforting. But when I want something out of the ordinary, it has got to be Vung Tau.

Banh Khot - Crisp rice flour cupcakes with shrimps and scallions

A must try!

Ba Nam Sadec - Noodles with jumbo prawn, crab and lean pork loin another MUST MUST TRY!

Bun Bo Hue - Spicy beef noodle served with chili and lemongrass (no picture, sorry), but also a must try!

Vung Tau Restaurant
535E Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA95112
Price: $$
Taste index:

If you are interested in Vietnamese food, this lady here knows her Vietnamese food...oh so well. She knows Vung Tau too, that means Vung Tau is really good. Thanks, Wandering Chopsticks. :)