milk with beer, ice with cucumber

New English words evolved, whether they are adjectives, nouns etc. Or is that modern-age maths? It's just too much media (TV, internet, radio etc.) influences when everybody and everything gets too creative with food vocabulary.

fantastic + fabulous = fantabulous

yummy + delicious = yummilicious

clam + delicious = clamilicious

drool + fantastic = droolistic

What other words do you often use to describe how delicious yummy your food is?

HUH? HAR? WHAT? WTheH? So....Beer + Milk = Bilk ???

"Ice Ice Baby...." "Ice Cu-Cumber"

Some kind of artificially-flavored drink again? Limited edition summer drink that is supposed to keep you as cool as a cucumber. I would rather eat cucumbers raw :O

Ice + Cucumber = iCucumber ? The next big thing after the iPhone? LOL! :P

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