Indian instant ramen - my indian-flavored instant noodles

Confess! Confess! How many of you keep instant noodle pack in your pantry? How many? What brand? When I came here, I bought a box of 48 packs Nissin Top Ramen from Costco! These 6 48 packs (not 6 pks, too bad) are reserved as "back-ups" when the cook does not feel like cooking. :D For a while till now, I have not been using the seasoning pack that comes bundled with the noodle. Not all bundled goods and services come good. Well well, I wanted to ease my guilt of cooking something instant (noodles) many consider not-so-nutritious. Most instant noodles come oil-fried (dried precooked noodles fused with oil), so I will have to halve the "guilt" by using "either-or" can you tell me, it is better to use the noodles and do away with the ready-seasonings, or the other way round ? ;P ...either noodles or the seasonings...I chose the noodles (it's more substantial, HA!). And still made it to a quick and tasty noodle dish, as easy as using the ready-seasoning. I would love to share this delight over at Presto Pasta Night.

Instant. Instant. What make instant noodles instant? The noodles or the seasoning?

Indian-flavored "instant" noodles
-1 pack instant noodle (just use the noodles, no seasoning required)
-1/2 Trader Joes canned tuna
-some edamame beans
-pinches of turmeric spice powder
-pinches of curry powder
-1tbsp of Trader Joes Indian Relish, option (Note: You can use some tomatoes, onions - saute and add some garam masala spice - for flavor)

I promise you could make this instant without the ready-seasonings :)

1. Cook instant noodles as per normal. Set aside when cooked
2. In a small sauce pan, add in all the ingredients (except the edamame beans) and mix well over low-medium heat for 3-4mins. (Note: The tuna is already cooked, so this step is basically for the spices to blend into the tuna flakes to create a lightly curry-flavored tuna, and warm up the mixture).
3. Add some water, if too dry
4. Add in edamame beans last since you won't want them to be overcooked
5. Once cooked, dish entire mixture over the noodles. The noodles would be just right, soaked with a lil' gravy, not too dry.

A easy noodle dish, fused with light aromatic indian spice and flavors

Hope you like the idea and try it your ways. A more luxurious way of having this is to use fish fillets like Melting Wok.

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