Sambal Seafood Omelette - when I do not know how to cook Orh Jian, Orh Luak, and Orh Neng

One of the most versatile ingredients (and considered a non-seasoning such as salt, sugar) has got to be EGGS. They can be used in desserts (mousse), cakes/bakes(almond cookies) - the sweet stuff; used wholes - hardboiled in sambal, masalas, curry and lontong, poached and eaten with indian curry; used as egg-based gravies in wat dan hor, mui fan and "chilli crab"; used as coatings for tonkatsu and begedil, as "mystery" ingredients in curry puffs and chicken pie/strudel; of course as comforting as a sunnyside up or an omelette - plain(kosong) or filled with your favorite ingredients such as this, this and THIS...

We don't eat oyster omelette often when we were back home because we were worried of stale (dead) oysters, or unhygienic handling of oysters. Well, stale and "dead" oysters fried with eggs - I describe as garbage food - food that smells like...errr....when you lift up the cover of your garbage bin and goes....YIKES! Now, ladies and gentlemen, please educate me - what are the differences: 蚝煎 (pronounced hao jian, in Mandarin;Orh Jian, in dialect) vs 蚝烙 (pronounced hao luo,in Mandarin;Orh Luak, in dialect) vs 蚝旦( pronounced hao dan, in Mandarin; Orh Nurng, in dialect). Aren't they all pan-fried oyster omelette ? Are they all same or not?

Anyway, I don't know what kind of oysters (too expensive, cannot afford and don't know how to buy) to use if I were to make my own Orh Jian. In substitution, I used a medley of seafood (prawns, clams, calamari, scallops) to create my sambal seafood omelette.

Sambal Seafood Omelette (serves 2)
- 2-3 eggs depending on size of egg, whisked
- 1/2lb your favorite seafood combination,
- ~1-2tbsp sambal chili paste (depending on how spicy you like it)
- 1 pinch of sugar
- 1 stalk green onions, julienned diagonally

1. Heat oil in pan, and fry the seafood mixture till cooked (Note: Remember when I made fish soup, I said something about frying the seafood and keeping the "juice essence"? Well, you can keep some of the "juice essence" from here since you do not need much moisture when you fry this omelette). After that, add in sambal chili paste, continue stir frying to mix well with seafood. Sugar to taste, if too spicy. Then, set aside.
2. Add in more oil, and add in whisked egg mixture(Note: save ~1/4 cup egg mixture for later use). Let the egg pan-fried on one side till golden yellow (about3-4mins)
3. Add in seafood mixture, top with green onions, and use a flat turnover ladle to fold the egg into half in order to "envelope" or cover the seafood mixture. (Note: Try not to add the seafood mixture in the center of the egg. Slightly bias it to one side so that it is easier to fold the egg into half)
4. Add in remaining egg mixture from (2) at the "open" edges after you fold the egg into half to seal the omelette

Then you get a neat egg omelette like this - you never know what you gonna get till you attack the omelette with a fork!

And this is what you get - seafood laden, and sambal spiciness!

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