Snowmobile - wish to get on one this winter

I like winter for the snow, ski fields and the variety of exciting activities that can be done - skiing, snowboarding, and even the snowmobile. When I was out skiing last winter, I told myself I would really want to try a snowmobile during winter if I really have a chance (and guts, of course) some day. Though it's not winter now, and I can't get on a snowmobile, I'm glad to find SLEDtv to keep my desire alive. SLEDtv is a snowmobile tv show and snowmobile forum and is your window into the world of sledding! SLEDtv hopes to bring entertainment, information, and education to the passionate snowmobile community. It will cover a range of activities from hill climbing, to ice racing, to family oriented outings, down to snowmobile touring! There will also be gear reviews and tech segments (all the cool stuff!) including rider tips, industry news, safety, survival and more! Do stay tuned to SLEDtv as online episodes will be up soon. Meantime, do check out the snowmobile forum. Oh, I'm already smelling a trendy and fun winter this year!