Tamarind Chicken - why does it sound like a "bad word" to me?

After the chicken lays eggs, the eggs are placed up the rice pedestal and the chicken forsaken.

Who said so ? The tamarind chicken (recipe, courtesy from Pablopabla) is so so good.

I never tasted such a dish before. The closest I have done is Baba Coriander Chicken. The ingredients are almost the same just that as the name of the dish speaks for itself, Ayam Sioh or Tamarind Chicken uses generous amount of tamarind whilst Baba Coriander Chicken uses salted soy beans , (a.k.a tau cheo, in hokkien) and lemongrass. The flavor of these two chicken dishes are completely different.

Anyhow, I followed the recipe to a T (used tamarind pulp to squeeze and extract the tamarind liquid), except I use the slow-cooker to slowly braise the chicken instead of frying. Still taste good. A very appetizing dish with rice.

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