Tamarind - the pulp vs the ready-mix

The tamarind pulp is also known as assam. As the tamarind pods mature, the juicy pulp turns brown or reddish-brown. The pulp eventually dehydrates to a sticky paste enclosed by a few coarse stands of fiber. The pulp has a pleasing sweet-sour flavor and is high in both acid and sugar. It is also rich in vitamin B and high in calcium. How have you used tamarind/assam in your everyday cooking?

For me, these spicy tangy dishes such as Tamarind Prawns and Assam Fish - the blend of sour and spice (with a hint of sweet) in these dishes has always managed to please and satisfy my palate.

For these dishes, I have always turned to sticky tamarind pulp (usually comes in a small block). Before using, soak them in water, then remove the seeds and pulp, just to get the "juice".

They also come ready like that - seeds and pulp removed! And claimed to be a concentrate.

I have not used the ready-tamarind-mix before. I wonder if they will be as good as the pulp.

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