What Asian Country Should You Visit?

You Should Travel to India

You're a passionate, gusty traveler - and India's gritty urban centers won't scare you away.
Maybe you'll take in the Taj Mahal, eat the best curry of your life, or attend a huge street festival.

OMG! They told me I have to visit India? Well, India has never been part of my travel interests, just like China - not part of my travel plans too. I don't know why. I just find these two countries too crowded, and I'm not that interested in historic buildings and oriental architecture compared to nature and the "green and blue" scenery...i.e mountains and lakes. But it seems to spot on a point. I dislike gritty urban centers. And it seems to be saying the best curry would be making my trip to India well the worth :O I am not a fan of street festival as well.

Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal...I know your well-know majestic...I just wonder when I will see you one day.