Breads - Garlic, Cheese, Green Onion,Pork Floss - of savory savor

I don't think I have any favorite cheese. I do not mind stinky blue cheese. I also like that mooey gooey mozzarella in that thin-crust hawaiian pita pizza. That's why I like cheese fondue too - I don't have to choose any favorite and can have five or more cheeses in one perfect melting pot :P YUM! What is your favorite cheese?

If you like the strong smell of garlic and cheese, you should like them combined, like this. :D

Garlic Cheese Bread
-slices of bread, cut to long strips or sticks
-1/2tbsp butter, softened
-2 slices of Pepper Jack Cheese (or use your favorite melting cheese)
-2 stalks scallions/spring onions
-3 cloves garlic, minced very finely
-sprinkles of red chilli flakes

Directions: ; Mix butter, cheese, scallions, garlic and chilli flakes in a bowl and blend well; slather on the mixture onto your bread; bake 395F for 10mins.

Now say "Cheese", will ya? :D

How about greens onions/scallions on breads ? Though I've added some greens onions or scallions in the Garlic Cheese Bread above, it was nothing as generous as the Green Onion Pork Floss bun I've got at the deli/bakery section in the Asian grocery store. I have a weak spot for savory breads among all buns and breads.

Pork floss has a light and fluffy texture similar to cotton-wool. In some parts of Asia, this is snack food on its own. This cotton-like savory-sweet pork floss can also be topped over food such as congee, porridge and tofu. In recent years, pork floss has invaded the bakery industry and that has made the signature product of BreadTalk in Singapore, just an example. Do you know what is pork floss and how it is made ? Cheap cuts of pork are stewed in a sweetened soy sauce mixture and it is when the collagen and elastin that normally hold the fibers have been cooked out of the meat that you get individual muscle fibers that can be easily torn apart(sounds like pulled pork...well, just almost there). After a light drying, the meat is dry cooked until it is completely dry and roasted to a golden brown texture for a fluffy and tasty treat.

Consumers tend to buy commercial products of meat floss in cannisters and don't make them at home since it does not sound productive when 1 kg of dried meat floss needs about 5 kg of meat! :O You can make floss out of fish as well, though in the traditional process, initial stewing is not required due to the low collagen and elastin content of fish flesh.

I don't have a recipe for Green Onion Pork Floss bun, but I'm sure a lot of you who bake, can do this with ease. So, a snap to inspire you for your next bread baking sessions. If you do make these, don't forget to return a favor and send me some :P

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