Game for game meat ? - Elk, buffalo, bison

Where was I during the Labor Day Weekend?

What was I eating ?

Elk meat is an attractive low fat food source, lower in fat than most meat and poultry products. For elk (ground, cooked and pan-broiled), this is what you get. By the way, I believe these "game" meat were from farm-raised buffalo and elk.

At the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar , we had to try Elk burger, for once.

Elk burger

Of course, there was the buffalo burger too. Both the elk and buffalo burgers(or meat) do not differ much in appearance but even for farm-raised meat - the elk definitely tasted more "game-ish" or gamey (野味太重了!) than typical "domesticated" meat. The buffalo meat was closer to beef, in taste.

Buffalo burger

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
25 N. Cache St.
Jackson, WY 83001-0621
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I think this is the most extreme of exotic meat I can handle. What has been, or will be...your most extreme ?

When you travel, do you limit yourself to typical food fare, or how challenged are you to try something different?

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