Half-boiled eggs how-to, fuss-free

A cheapo plastic-ware that does its job - making half-boiled eggs and hard-boiled eggs, not directly on the stove-top.

It comes in a simple assembly of four plastic parts - (a) a blue deep base for holding water; (b) a deep transparent compartment where the eggs will be placed, and water poured into - this compartment has a single tiny perforation in the center for water to drip to the blue base; (c) a circular flat piece of uniformly distributed perforations for water to channel (d) cover
(N.B. Bought this at a Japanese store back in S'pore - am not sure if can be found anywhere in the US)

The deep transparent compartment (b) has level markings on it - from a line indicating 1 egg, up to 4 eggs. Concept is simple - if you want 2 half-boiled eggs, just place 2 room-temperature eggs into the transparent compartment assembled as shown, then pour boiling water to the 2-eggs level markings. Thereafter, it works like an "hour-glass". Wait for the water to drip slowly through the perforations into the blue base. When the water has all gone into the blue base, the eggs are half-boiled, DONE. Isn't that easy?

To extend its use, you can make hard-boiled eggs too. Using the same example of 2 room-temperature eggs, pour boiling water up to the 4-egg level markings, to double the time for the eggs to cook since the water will take about twice as long to completely drain into the bottom blue base.

This is definitely useful if you want to free up some space at the stove top, and to beat the lazy bug even when monitoring the cooking time.

Isn't this a perfect half-boiled egg? The best way to eat this back at home in Asia - drizzles of dark soy sauce, and dashes of white pepper, on top of that egg.

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