Chinese food - Oceanic Chinese Restaurant

The majority over at Yelp like this place for Chinese food. We just found it so-so. When we entered the restaurant during a Saturday for lunch, we saw only two occupied tables, and both were Indian families :O Hmmmmmm.....and we're coming in for good Chinese food??? Anyway, we were struck by hunger at that time and did not know where else to eat (since it's our first time in San Manteo,CA).

Ordered a soup to share, and two lunch plates.

Beef soup with green peppers and egg white

Garlic sauce pork

I thought this porky dish would be similar to the garlic pork over at South Legend, Milpitas...but poles apart. :(

Oceanic Duck

We thought a dish named after the restaurant should not be that bad afterall. I mean, why bet the entire reputation of the restaurant on a duckie dish....?

Verdict: The pork dish is better than the duck dish.

Oceanic Chinese Restaurant
2507 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
Price: $$
Taste index:

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