Shitake and oyster mushrooms - for Vegetarian Awareness Month

As fresh as it gets...picked from New Carpati Farm, Sebastopol, California; and cooked on the same day!

Some shitake mushrooms...and

Oyster mushrooms

makes an alternative meat(protein)-substitute for vegetarians.

Though World Vegetarian Day - 1 October has passed, I'm glad to be still in time for the vegetarian month during 1-31 October. This is a simple, nutritious vegetarian dedication to Vegetarian Awareness Month hosted by Coffee and Vanilla.

There are too many definitions of vegetarians. Some vegetarians do not take meat, some do not take meat AND diary products, and some strict vegetarians do not even take garlic and onions in addition to the "meat-less" diet. There are people who turned vegetarians by choice due to health reasons versus groups who are vegetarians because of religion. Other common motivators include the environment and animal rights.

When it comes religion, I have heard that Buddhists cannot and are not allowed to eat garlic and onion since eating these are known to cause lots of desires in sex and greed - against the one of the main teachings and precepts in Buddhism.

To me, going vegetarian in my daily routine simply means to eat more healthily, and taking less meat. Tofu and mushrooms are two of the more common meat substitutes, and with the typical vegetables, I advocate a balanced vegetarian meal of various nutrition taken from different sources (fiber, protein, carbohydates, vitamins and minerals). Though the mushroom medley I am whipping up uses garlic, I'm in no means dis-respecting any religion. Do feel free to omit them, when required.

Mushroom medley stir-fry
Ingredients: Mushrooms, garlic, vegetarian oyster sauce
Directions: Heat some oil and saute minced garlic till fragrant. Add in mushrooms, and fry till soften. Add in some vegetarian oyster sauce, mix well and dish up to serve.

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