Refrigerator that spells and smells B-A-D

Talking about nice-to-have deep fryers earlier on, this is definitely a must-have in every home kitchen. A refrigerator. What is your criteria when selecting a refrigerator ? Do you search for any refrigerator reviews before buying your refrigerator, just like how you search for food/eating reviews before you decide to dine-out at a particular eatery ?

For me, my refrigerator MUST BE frost-free. I recalled throwing away all the dairy products in my refrigerator back in California when the thermostat control of the defrost function gone haywire one day. Whatever was kept in the fridge was not cold. You know the feeling of grabbing something out of the refrigerator and it feels room-temperature ? B-A-D. There is no lack of frost-free refrigerators in these days. Just going by "Defrost" in refrigerator reviews, you will find 60+ refrigerators models that are frost-free/automatic defrost. Of course, if you are a person who sticks to a particular brand when it comes to selecting a refrigerator, refrigerator reviews allows you to ascertain that too.