Colors of bittergourd, weekend snapshot

Colors of bittergourd and , doesn't this just rhyme! :D

I know 80% (or more) of you, do not like bittergourd. And I'm sure a white bittergourd would not change your views, or even excite your appetite anytime now or later.

White bittergourd or a hybrid white pearl...

In my memory, I have always seen and eaten bittergourd which are green; and have braised or stir fry them, GREEN.

Green bittergourd

I have no idea why most bittergourds are white in Taiwan - perhaps white mean un-bitter? They wanna trick us!? :O For example, where papayas, mangoes, and bananas are concerned, GREEN means unripe - thus sour, or bitter.

Well, well, well...white bittergourd is no where, un-bitter. You just use the same tips and techniques to reduce the bitterness in white or green bittergourds, if you do not like them too bitter. To reduce bitterness, add some salt into water, and soak strips/pieces of bittergourd in the water(~5mins). The longer you soak, the less bitter it will be. Find tips on bittergourds, and bittergourd recipes here and here.

Don't start off your day feeling bitter, ok? It's Monday. Enjoy the week ahead.